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Bullet Roofing is here to help with your full roof restorations and repairs. With decades of experience we know that your ridge capping at the intersecting point ultimately determines whether your roof is waterproof. Cracked, broken or missing mortar can damage your roof cavity and result in costly water damage and alters the structure of your home. Ridge capping also impacts the appearance of your roof. Poorly maintained and cracked mortar makes your home look old.

The harsh Australian conditions with wind, rain, sun and cold will eventually break down every roof, so it is important that good roof maintenance is undertaken to repair the ridge capping and fix broken tiles. 

Roof Restoration

A thorough pressure wash, rebedding, pointing, a new paint job and sealant will restore your roof to look like the day it was laid.


Cement and Terracotta Tiles

We have years of experience detailing with both cement and terracotta tiles. Our reliable industry contacts can source the tile profile replacements that you need to quickly to ensure we can start your job as soon as possible.

Roof repairs

We help you to protect your family and your property from the elements with a well maintained roof. Anything from small repairs for leaking roofs to major issues.

Best materials

We stay up-to-date with the best materials on the market when rebedding and pointing your roof, so you can be assured of the longest lasting protection. We use Flexi-point  products for their usability, application, longevity and reducing environmental impact.

Valley Iron Replacements

When providing your full restoration we will replace the old rusted, leaking valley’s using quality materials to ensure your roof is waterproof.


Expert Advice

Got questions? We will take a look at your roof and give real expert advice on necessary repairs, restoration or re-roofing options. We will assist with the colour selection of your new roof.

Tile Restoration and Repair.

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